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My choice of place to be alone

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

Ahihi-Kinau Natural Area Reserve is one of my favorite spot in Maui. アヒヒキナウ自然保護地区は数あるお気に入りの場所のなかでも特に好きな場所。

This area is covered with lava rocks. That's why the clarity of ocean water is superior. Glassy looking saturated blue and dark and pointy lava rock creates such a contrast scene.

溶岩石が多い地形なため海の青さと透明度が格別。 その色に対比するような黒い溶岩石。いつも形を変えて寄せては返す波と荒々しい屈強な溶岩石の景観はその昔、この島が火山の爆発で面積を広げていった頃の様子を彷彿させられます。

I always imagine what it was like when a volcano eruption created the island of Maui when I visit this area.

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