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1st Episode of Maui Behind the Scene!

Updated: Nov 17, 2021


This is what I really wanted to do. I wanted to be a bridge to introduce Maui's interesting people and businesses to both English and Japanese audience.


However, there were a couple of big challenges I faced. The first was my hesitation to ask people to talk with me. The second is my performance as an interviewer. "Oh my, what have I put myself into?" But, I loved my idea and didn't want to eliminate it because of my weakness. "The pain of creativity is just like the pain of birth. I can do it." So, I pursued!

始めてすぐにふたつの大きな壁にぶち当たりました。 一つは、恥ずかしすぎて人に「お話してください。」と頼めないこと。ふたつ目は私が結構な「あがり症」なこと。そんなことに気づかなかった自分の愚かさに目が点、思考停止。悩んだ末、自分のアイデアを自分の性格の弱さのせいで潰したくはない、と歯を食いしばり、計画続行しました!

Thank you so much for my dear friend, Heidi Cramer, the owner of Maui Cookie Lab to be my first guest. I know her for about 20 years when she had a cute bakery in Paia. I almost cried discovering the bakery selling truly delicious sweets. I am spoiled growing up in Japan where excellent bakeries and cake shops on each corner in town.


I also love her eyes for visual presentation. "Be Simple with tasteful twist" describes her product very well. And, it shows to her website, packaging, and products.


The talk we had together tells her journey of how she thrived during the pandemic year of 2020. She almost gave up but didn't. I hope you visit her website and try her cookies and other tasty crispy products.

動画の中ではコロナ禍で風前の灯火になってしまった彼女の大切な小さなビジネスをどうやって転化させ、成長へ導いたかというお話が聞けます。残念ながら彼女のクッキーは日本へ発送できないのですが、いつかみなさんがマウイへいらしたときはぜひ、Maui Cookie Lab のモービルクッキーバーでその美味しさを楽しんでくださいね。

Enjoy the video! Please subscribe to Lilikoi Maui's Youtube Channel.

ではまた! リリコイマウイのチャンネル登録いただけると大変嬉しいです!

Lilikoi Maui is powered by Mieko Photography

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