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Maui Behind the Scene Series, Ep. 4 "A chat with Firmiana Egan"

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

On Maui Behind the Scene Series, we introduce interesting locally owned businesses by talking with the people who operate them. We all are on our exciting journey and endeavor. Our mission is to share those stories to get inspired.


Many people seek a healthier lifestyle, and Maui also has many healthy-minded people.


I came to encounter with Digestive Health Diva, Firmiana Egan. She wrote a book, "Digestive Dilemma No More." Also, She produces delicious Raw Probiotic Sauerkraut in Maui.

腸内環境改善の提唱者であるファミアナ イーガンさんからお話を伺ってきました。彼女は腸内環境改善のための本も執筆され、合わせて乳酸菌発酵させた発酵野菜のプロデュースもなさっています。

She speaks softly but has a passion for helping others to live healthier.


I hope you enjoy this video!


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Firmiana's Cultured Vegetables


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