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Maui Behind the Scene Series, Ep. 4 "A chat with Satoko Takahashi, Maui Sugar Babe"

I'm thrilled to interview a Japanese entrepreneur on Maui, Satoko Takahashi, the owner of Maui Sugar Babe, "Firm Made Sugar Scrub."


She is sustainability-minded and aspiring to a healthy lifestyle. I enjoyed hearing her story of how the dots of ideas in her head started to connect together to launch Maui Sugar Babe. 聡子さんは地産地消やヘルシーなライフスタイルを志している方で、頭の中に散らばったアイデアの粒がどんな風にして繋がり、起業するまでに至ったのか、そんなお話を楽しく聞かせていただきました。

We are laughing throughout the interview. I don't know why we did. Only I remember I had a great time with Satoko-san.


I hope you enjoy this episode of Maui Behind the Scene!


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