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Morning Walk at Waihe'e Coastal Dunes & Wetland


Aloha Everyone,

Waihe'e Coastal Dunes & Wetland is my new favorite place to go. I knew it was there for years but never took the detour to visit there. It is absolutely a serene place.


Maui is known for its beaches and Haleakala. However, coastal dunes and wetlands are not featured enough as a sightseeing spot at all.


It is good and bad. It is good because not many visitors are there. So if you like the privacy and quietness, you will enjoy it very much. It is bad because Hawaiian Island Trust and its volunteers restored this place and maintaining it, and they don't get noticed.

そのおかげで、いつ訪れても人が少なく、とても静かなのです。 人混みが苦手な人にはもってこいの場所です。ですが、せっかくNPO団体とボランティアの皆さんが大変な思いをして手入れをしてくださっている、という努力に注目がされないことは残念なことです。

Because of their hard work, native plants and native birds are coming back to this preserved area. There are trails and signages to enjoy and learn the history of this enchanted area.


Learn more about Waihe'e Coastal Dunes and Wetlands.


Maui No Ka Oi Magazine recently featured about this place, too.


If you are planning to visit, please respect the land and be sure to take your rubbish home.

ハワイの歴史的にもとても大切なエリアとなっています。 僭越ながら、もし訪れられるのであれば、お心配りいただけると幸いです。

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