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Sugar Beach at Dusk


Sugar Beach is known as the longest stretch of white sandy beach on the island of Maui. It is located on the north end of Kihei. It is away from the resort area, so less crowded. I lived in North Kihei for about 20 years, this beach is very near to my heart. I can go for a long walk or run. I can meditate or ponder.

シュガービーチはマウイ島で一番長い白砂のビーチとして知られています。 場所はリゾート地区から離れたキヘイの北の端。なので人影もまばらで静かです。 このエリアに20年以上住んでいたこともあり、足繁く通う場所です。長めのお散歩やランニングをしたり、座ってぼんやりとしたりします。

Even I live in Wailuku now, I still go to this beach whenever I have a chance.


Enjoy the video.



Photography & Video by Mieko Photography

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