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Waterfalls at Iao Valley Parking Lot?

It was an Incredible Site After Treacherous Rain for a week.

このイアオ渓谷のてっぺんから流れる雄大な滝は普段は見ることはできません。 記録的な降雨量が1週間続いてその姿を表してくれたのです。

All Locals know that we don't see any waterfalls from Iao Valley Parking Lot. But, Look at this image. On March 17, 2021, I shot this at 5:30 pm, after a record-breaking amount of rainfall happened on the Hawaiian Islands.


Every time I come here, I look up this mountain, see the dried-up watermarks, and wonder how beautiful it could be to see the waterfalls on this mountain.


I learned that many tourists are unaware of how dangerous it could be when the ground is saturated like this on the island.  


Waterfalls are magnificent. It is a stunning scene. I was awed by this view, too. However, having waterfalls where usually there are none is telling us that flash floods could happen anytime now. Flash Floods could even happen a couple of days after treacherous rain under the blue sky.


I experienced Flash Floods under the blue sky ten years ago. Back then, I live in Kihei, where we rarely have rain, and I had no idea the other side of the island was having a lot of wet days.

実は、10年ほど前に私も鉄砲水を体験しました。 当時はキヘイというほぼ雨の降らない地区に住んでいて、島の反対側でどれだけ雨が降っていたのかあまり情報がありませんでした。

I was with my two daughters at Twin Falls, our favorite place to go on the weekends. It was a beautiful morning. We were having a great time at the 2nd waterfall. Then, all of a sudden, the color of the water changed to brown. The width of the waterfall became wider and wider every second. I could hear the roaring sound of water coming from the top. I knew what was coming.

2人の娘を連れて、よく家族でハイキングに出かけるツインフォールズというところでいつものように水遊びをしていると突然、水の色が茶色く濁り、水嵩がみるみるうちに増え、滝の幅がどんどん広がっていきます。 上流からゴオゴオと濁流の流れてくる音も聞こえるほどでした。 すぐに何がこれから起きるのか判断できました。 噂に聞いていた鉄砲水です。

I gathered up my children (2 and 7 yo. back then), carried the little one, held older ones' hands tight, and left the location. It was intense.

すぐに2歳の娘を抱っこし、7歳の娘の手を硬く握ってその場から逃げました。 本当に怖かったです。

If I did not know what was happening, I might put ourselves in serious danger. It might kill us.


So, Please use all of your senses when you are out in the wilderness. And, remember about Flash Flood. I want you to enjoy Maui safely.

自然の中にいる時は五感を全て使って備えていてください。 そして鉄砲水の恐ろしさを覚えていてください。 ぜひ、マウイ旅行を安全に楽しんでくださいね。

Photography by Mieko Photography

This photograph soon will be available for purchase at Adobe Stock. Please contact us for detail.

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